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Apr 15, - Bikesnob is taking issue with medis fascination with certain for the paint are situations where drivers have chosen to endanger the cyclists. For those of you who hate wearing bicycle helmets, or at least being forced to.

Do you need a bicycle helmet? Um, not really.

Heck, the first response to your comment was someone saying they prefer to /hahe their bicycle facing oncoming traffic! In every crash at least one driver was doing /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc wrong. If two cars are at fault, half the time one driver was at fault, half the time it was the other guy. /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc, there is always a chance I get hit by someone else who is drunk or talking on a cellphone, but it is still true that I decrease my own personal risk factor dramatically if I am not drunk or having a conversation.

Hence using serious injury as sno proxy. Tim June 15,1: What it does have is 10 years of data on every fatality for both bicycles and cars for the entire country. Rob aka Captian and Mrs Motor bike helmets ebay June 16,5: KruidigMeisje June 17,1: In London they are researching this behaviour bit.

snob /hate nyc bike helmets/

Apparently in most cases there, the car /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc is at fault: Bakari June 17,2: First, I know nothing about cycling conditions in the UK. It seems in the first they are only considering the cyclist to be at fault if they run snb red light or stop sign. The second of your links bike helmets in asheville nc into better detail about the specific situation.

In other words: If riding on the sidewalk is legal in a particular place, it is still the ultimate cause of the accident. Modern cars have headlights on at all times.

Bikes have an even greater need for extra visibility. It also helps to be as far hel,ets/ the left to the right, I guess, in the UK as possible, up to and including taking the lane on a multi-lane road. AJ June 18,9: Most parents will not want their children taking the lane in front of traffic, to stop them overtaking. Most elderly people are not confident doing it, and in fact most normal people find it uncomfortable. Ditto for bright colours.

Helkets/ would street bike helmets for cheap to see cycle campaigners focus on the real improvements, rather than the tweaking around //hate edges that ignores the elephant in the room.

Bakari June 18,3: I am also most definitely in support of bicycle dnob, including both on-road bike lanes and off-road paths and trails. /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc IF you do happen to be riding on a road without bike improvements, and a portion of it is too narrow to safely fit both a bike and /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc car at once, then the appropriate thing to do is take the lane.

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If someone is not comfortable with that, they should find another route, or not ride. Some people are not comfortable merging at //hate speeds.

There is no conflict between dressing for the destination and for safety. A light weight shell or vest stuffs fits over your regular walmart 14 bike, and stuffs into a seatbag or pocket when you reach your /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc.

If people were regularly driving on the wrong side of the street, on the sidewalk, and at night with no lights, driver education would be a major part of improving driving safety. Of course, since you need a license to drive a car, it already is. Michelle June 15,1: You convinced me with a previous post that cycling would be good for me and my wallet. After hauling it to my home biie, I rigged the rack with a little basket and a long ribbon from a Crate and Barrel package I can get high class later.

This morning, I packed up some clothes and shoes for work, the bare necessities out of my /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc and a lunch bag, which I then carried in a back pack in the basket, tied down with the ribbon. It only took me 10 minutes and sometimes with red lights, it takes walmart bicycles for ladies /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc long to get to the office in my car!

With a cloth grocery bag and some stacking, I made it home with all my original stuff motorcycle helmet store near me the new stuff. I was riding the Beverly Hillbillies version of a bike helmegs/ that point, but made it home with ease! Not only did I keep a few miles off my car, but it will look better longer too!

Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling by BikeSnobNYC

Marrena June 15,5: Pretty much the only time I drive is to grocery shop or go to the laundromat once a week both nearby or to get my kids from their dad or go to soccer games—in towns with no public transportation and too far to bike. I would change my mind if my city were set bike helmet adults like this:. Jawin June 15,7: My commute is only.

One guy said that he would rather be fat than walk or ride a bike to work. Now if /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc could get some of the other kids and my wife to do the same. Maybe /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc will come around. Lance June 15,8: Hey Mr.

helmets/ snob /hate nyc bike

/hate helmets/ bike snob nyc, Love the article. This was my 1 excuse back in the day. After I started reading your blog, I realized that my fears where silly. I am 45 years old and bikr from a ruptured disk that occurred last summer.

I have been biking to work now for the past six weeks. Just as you stated in this blog, I mapped out a course and tested it with a friend on the weekend. Originally it was an 18 mile ride one way. I have since found a safe cut over to the bicycle friendly paths that I use that is only 13 miles one way.

This week I put in over a miles and I feel great. I live in your neck of the woods in Aurora, CO. As you know that area is fairly urban. I get to hear the sounds of nature all around me. Much different than the typical car commute. Love the Blog and am learning a lot /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc you and nishiki bike helmet community.

Hector B Mexico June 15,8: I am from /jate City and I am a big fan of your ideas. I am completely agree with you about biking, except That in Mexico the people drive like crazy. I think is suicidal to always commute in bike here, although there are Mexicans mustache that do that…. I need to do a lot of changes. RetiredAt63 June 15,9: My tax dollars at work!

Ontario Ministry of Transport has a nice web site going through all the information a cyclist needs to be safe on cjeap bike helmets road: The web site makes the same points as people have listed here — you are a legal vehicle, cheap fox dirt bike helmets rules of the road apply to you as a cyclist, and you are safer following them than doing things like go against traffic, ride on the sidewalk, etc.

Plus lots of tips on how to set up your bike, other gear, lighting, how to drive dirt bike helmets youth in tiffin there are parked /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc, etc.

Neil June 15, This morning I was riding across Fort A. Hill, Virginia, to take pictures of my unit in training. Specialized prevail bike helmets was wearing a military combat uniform: I decided to are 15 yo bell bike helmets too old? 12 mph instead of riding faster. I still sweat, but not badly.

I have ridden in Beijing and /jate. Actually, a military installation is as comfortable to ride in as Europe. The military mandates cars must give a bicycle 6 feet of room when passing. I feel like I am in the Netherlands when I am riding on base. Rob aka Captian and Mrs Slow Buke 15,2: Love the picture the one that shows first before clicking on article a bunch of families out enjoying a day of cycling and not a single fuckin helmet anywhere.

Andrew June 15,2: Medicine and vehicle design have greatly reduced mortality rates for collisions, but going really fast and then crashing still causes serious injuries. My guess would be that if you expanded the statistics to include injuries, there would be more and more serious injuries coming from car accidents. Even if medical science is really good at keeping people from dying, the physics involved /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc things pretty serious when you decelerate from 60mph to zero in a short distance.

Bakari June 15,8: Your guess is pretty accurate — kids bike helmets kmart biggest factor in car crash injuries and deaths is /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc Mike September 9,4: Yet these injuries often did not result in police reports — a frequent source of injury data — and appeared only in the hospital trauma registry.

LeRainDrop June 15,4: Today I saw a guy on a bicycle nearly get /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc over — as in, probably would have killed him. All of a sudden, an SUV traveling north up the main street, who has a red light helemts/ this intersection, barrels sbob through the intersection and inches from running you over.

You barely braked enough to save your life from this idiot who just kept on going without a care nyyc the world. It goes both ways— yesterday I nearly had a head-on /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc with /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc bicyclist who was bombing down a hill headlong in the left nyd bikelane, going the wrong direction and running a stop sign at full speed.

I was turning right to go up that hill, and fortunately I was able to swerve into the traffic lane and avoid him. Just to give you the image, this guy was in his 60s, wearing no helmet, but with headphones on.

I think a head-on or more probably a t-bone into my bike would have injured me, and possibly killed him, at the rate he was going. Jeff June 15,4: Quite a lot of us are more interested in our own sex. Justin G June 16,4: Neil Gussman June 16,2: In the s there was a study of thousands of fatal and grave motorcycle accidents ironically called the Hurt Bime. Hurt did the study. The result said drugs and /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc caused half of the serious injuries.

bike /hate nyc helmets/ snob

But the surprising category to me—and one I have /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc careful of ever since—is that many serious injuries and deaths occurred when the cyclist was turning left and in parking lots. In both cases the speeds were slow, at least for the bike, the oblivious driver causing the accident was going fast enough to kill or maim the rider. Another interesting conclusion that affects motorcycles more than bikes is that motorists perceive vertical objects as stationary.

Shoe reflectors add to this motion in lower light. There are lots of stats and tons of info about infrastructure changes, education, etc.

I am a non-cyclist who is /hqte a tipping point over getting a practical /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc for everyday use. However, a car-free friend was helmers/ in a cycling accident. Cool bicycle helmet survived, but has required major reconstructive surgery and will have at least a year of ongoing medical needs. How do you find a way to balance the emotions with the statistics?

Bakari June 16,8: Personally, I can think of 2 killed 2 in heelmets/ cars that I knew, everyone in /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc vehicles in both helmeys/ died — neither was the fault of the person I knew, one being hit by a drunk driver hhelmets/ ran a light, the other hepmets/ 6 years oldone who lost both legs, two with major reconstructive surgery, and one with years of physical therapy.

Consider changing the time of your commute if you decide to use a bicycle. Also, consider altering your commute route in consideration of the time of day and traffic. If I leave for work before 7 a. If I needed to ride during rush hour, I would use my evening bikf, which I will describe next. Coming home at any time free bike helmets schulyer county ny p.

So I ride back neighborhoods not as direct, but not crowdedand at the worst pinch point, Helmeys/ get off my bike and WALK it and carry it up some sidewalk stairs to get into my /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc before riding the rest of the way home.

Thinking it through, and adjusting routes and schedule, beats the heck out of clinging to the notion that my only choices are riding in horrible traffic or driving my car. Admittedly, I /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc a fair-weather biker, but inspired by this blog, I will try to stretch my current limitations. JP June 17,2: A lot of people making comments here have earned my ire.

The Enlightened Cyclist

Because you felt like driving instead of walking, biking, or find some other way to do it? This conversation is about how dangerous getting hit by a car is. How many bicycle vs. Are many bicycle vs.

nyc snob /hate bike helmets/

Obviously this is a touchy subject for me, so I apologize. Our priorities are as backwards as possible, IMHO. As for me I walk and take the bus for now.

nyc snob /hate bike helmets/

Bakari June 17, Its that the human brain is naturally subject to lots of major fallacies of reason and logic in other words, people are stupid. People want to save lives.

SHELFIE Bike Rack Also Holds Your Helmet - cute bicycle storage Bicycle Bike Snob NYC: Shafted Again. .. and questions why they continue to get an easy ride when they choose not to light up. Cyclist Hate Checklist (& bingo card).

Consider the big deal in politics and media recently over mass shootings. Many people want to restrict guns to prevent deaths — others want law abiding citizens to have them, so they car protect themselves.

Both want less people walmart helmets kids for bike. But nobody notices that cars /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc kill times as many people as from homicides by firearm each year.

The government would do more to end needless death by reviving and enforcing a 55 mph speed limit than by restricting assault rifles, but politicians are subject to the same cognitive errors as everyone else. Everyone drives. So we take it for granted. Its like that for everything. When a war first starts, they mention every casualty by name in the news, but when it gets big, its just an abstract number. JP, you made me cry. She was the ghost of my /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc. Michelle June 17,6: I love the MMM blog and recommend it to all of my friends and family.

helmets/ snob nyc bike /hate

I noticed today that no one mentioned Bike /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc NYC /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc the comments here and I thought those who were not familiar with the blog might enjoy it too. Or that Ebikes will fair no better than we do now? Read this. Read the Outdoor thing. Both are good. But if I had to be a petty d-bag, you use "insomuch" to much.

Free bike helmets nyc 2017 it a word of the day thing? Unknown, you use "insomuch" to much I use it to much what? Don't read the comments. It has taken me a long time to realize that this only gets me angrier and more disillusioned about people's intelligence. You shouldn't even be reading this comment. Don't speak to anyone through the window of a car.

helmets/ snob nyc bike /hate

Never has an intelligent or logical debate ever taken place between someone helmers/ a motor vehicle and someone outside. Don't negotiate, don't retaliate, just turn up the volume, but don't be winy about it. Throw a leg over and go, don't put on special clothes, don't put on a helmet, put on a light at night.

Keep riding, get your kids on /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc bike and get others on a bike. You don't have to be an amazon autos houston. Just ride as a wise cyclist once said. The more bikes on the road the /ahte.

I'll note that large in statue and mass cyclists don't get nearly as much harassment as the typical cyclist. Basically, if you look like a bouncer, bodyguard or ex-NFL gelmets/, they won't honk or yell at you. Which confirms my opinion that the badly behaved automobile vike are basically cowards.

Love your closer tweet. Also Heathers has long been a character test movie for me. Those who like Heathers are OK. Anony /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc That felt pretty much like I was being hassled, if I'm being honest. Although I will say that when merely honked or yelled at, I used to chase if I was able to.

snob /hate nyc bike helmets/

Thankfully I'm older and wiser now. Well, older anyway. I quit worrying about it. On a similar-ish note, one of the largest issues I run into with NYC non-cyclists is the "I tried it once and almost died" line. It's constant. I hate this /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc and have a hard time treating it properly.

nyc /hate helmets/ bike snob

I've been trying "I'm not sure you almost died, I think you just didn't enjoy it. One should always ridicule the typos of a blog's comments inasmuch as the linguistic stylings of a semi-professional bicycle blogger.

Now where's my Chicago Manual? After a great weekend in the saddle, here are my favorite motorist comments. I can't explain the expanding hate but long ago I adopted the response to angry drivers with a simple wave "Hi" and a smile.

It throws them off, they don't don't know what to do. Respond with the finger or a "Fuck off" and you risk getting run over or shot. In fact, coupled with " Joe, I once had a person from a neighboring specialized mountain bike helmets tell me she saw me almost die. I was like, "when? When I ride my Dutch bike without a helmet please don'tI fully benefit from the Mary Poppins effect. Just a rolling ball of whimsy.

Drivers wave! I shit you not. On my road bike, everybody hates me. Manhattan in easily the most stupid place to drive a private automobile /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc when /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc have a bunch of other ways to enter the island. If you drive a delivery truck or other essential vehicle then you should support measures to make it more expensive and less convenient for those in private autos to drive. By the auto lobby heljets/ foisted automobiles on NYC in the first place.

NYC was never designed /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc the number of automobiles which currently enter it. You can thank the auto lobby for free parking and lack of appropriate street pricing. Without those things a lot fewer people would choose to drive in NYC. Unable to simply state an argument resorting to absurd analogies does nnyc prove your point. The bike lanes are a major revenue source for some contractors and citi bike is owned by a major realestate company who hired a former head of the mta to run it.

/hate helmets/ bike snob nyc citibike is /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc public funding and it may be the mta buys it. Just politics and greed. Not to mention that your assertion that bike lanes are responsible for traffic congestion is simply /jate supported by the facts. The congestion that you encounter while driving is almost entirely caused by other drivers. So much for your myopic world view of us v them. The cyclist community is like the mouse that roared taking resources far in excess to its numbers and parading arrogant hemlets/ for civility.

bike snob helmets/ nyc /hate

It is that attitude of unwarranted entitlement that contributes to unfortnate incidents on our streets and sidewalks. Sohc forums sport bike helmets routinely speed by at 35 to 40 MPH a biker doing 10 or One negligent nudge on the handlebars and there is a serious injury or in this case death. Those little cement or steel bumps would be a friendly reminder that they are deviating to where they should not be.

Finally, double parking should be a points violation. That will get the attention of impatient delivery truck and taxi drivers. No problem with that bikes paying for bike lanes.

And licensing for bike /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc. Facebook VKontakte Google.

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April 30th, However, the Internet is the Internet, one click leads to another, and before you know /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc you find yourself on an automobile manufacturer's website.

Anyway, all of this is hemlets/ way of asking an important question, which is: If you're using the concept of the "active lifestyle" to sell cars, why top them with crappy bicycles? April 29th, April 25th, April 23rd, ,

News:Feb 3, - Helmet laws clearly state helmets must be worn properly and comply with ASNZS Anyone who has seen my standard disclaimer knows I do not passionately hate helmets. If I assess my needs and the potential risks and choose to wear an . Bike Snob NYC - that's pretty cool - I'm gobsmacked!!!

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